Tesla Service Center

Liberty Lake, WA


33,768 sq feet

Baker Construction and Development has recently broken ground in Liberty Lake, WA for the new Tesla Service Center. The project consists of a 33,768sf tilt up precast structure and is located on a 5.5 acre site.  The unique structure will not only consist of precast tilt-up wall panels, but also precast double T roof structure panels.  The building will house approximately 6,300sf of show room and employee work space along with 27,468sf of maintenance and service area.  The site includes 240 parking stalls to facilitate office staff, customers, and vehicle stock and includes interior and exterior vehicle charging stations throughout.  In addition, the project will be home to 24 of Tesla’s new state of the art V3 supercharging stations, which were developed to charge their vehicles substantially faster and increase their mileage range. Construction will wrap up in early 2022.