At Baker Construction, we are more than a construction company.

Our dedication to community, family, and safety is a part of our DNA. We understand to build healthy communities, it starts with constructing safe environments. It is of utmost importance that we support the community that helps us build dreams from the ground up. We want to do all that we can to help answer the question: “How do we get from dream to reality?”



“Baker Construction & Development has been a partner of Greater Spokane Inc. (GSI) since 1978. This deep-rooted partnership aids in our mission to build a robust regional economy. Our community benefits from generations of Baker leaders investing in economic development initiatives and serving on the GSI Board of Trustees, Executive Committee, Economic Development Committee, and most recently, the Believe Spokane Committee. Their commitment to GSI advances our connectivity and ability to ensure our community continues to thrive.”

Alisha Benson, Chief Executive Officer – Greater Spokane Inc.


“The Baker Construction & Development Team has done amazing work here in Liberty Lake going back decades.  Most recently, they completed the Tesla project and are getting ready to kick off a project with Idaho Central Credit Union.  In addition to having a great collaborative relationship with my planning & engineering staff, they are very active in our community and in tune to what our needs are.

I look forward to the possibility of having another Baker project in Liberty Lake.”

Cris Kaminskas

Mayor, City of Liberty Lake, WA

We are proud to support, contribute and actively participate in as many organizations as we possibly can. In addition to helping groups with financial contributions, our employees serve our community by giving their most treasured asset: their time.

We’ve always been committed to actively participating in civic organizations, and servicing the Non-Profit sectors of our community. Do all that you can, for as many as you can, as often as you can.

Our budget planning takes place in September of each year. All requests must be formally submitted to Baker Construction & Development using the online request form below.

Baker Giving Application

Print and send the request to the following address or fill out the form below:

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Baker Construction will consider the following in granting a charitable contribution:

Programs that help better the lives of people in our community.

Programs that help individuals with health related issues and/or disabilities in our community.

Programs that promote awareness and proactive measures to create a thriving community.

Impact of our contribution on the organization’s cause and the associated number of individuals affected.

501( c ) ( 3 ) status with the Internal Revenue Service.

Baker Construction & Development generally will not consider making contributions to the following types of groups:

Political or Partisan Organizations.

Religious, Labor or Fraternal Groups (except if the group is hosting an event to help the community).

People seeking funds for personal endeavors.


Profit Organizations (generally).

Our History

Established in 1951 and based in Spokane, WA since 1972, Baker Construction & Development, Inc. is a premier commercial construction and development company.

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