At Baker Construction & Development, Inc., our commitment to safety is non-negotiable.

Outside influences and demands can change priorities, but values don’t change. While some companies say safety is a priority, at Baker; it’s one of our Core Values.

Our holistic approach to health and safety includes robust risk assessment and hazard analysis, implementing control measures to prevent incidents, and educating employees and contractors about unsafe behaviors and work practices.

We foster a genuine safety culture, one which goes far beyond regulatory compliance and meeting the status quo.

We know that making a commitment to protecting the health and livelihood of our workforce is in the best interest of us all and ensures their health and wellness, as well as our current and future successes and profitability.

We work each day to build a strong foundation of safety through our performance. All of our workers are provided monthly training and educational opportunities, all jobsites are inspected and assessed for hazards on a routine basis, and our workers are apprised of safe work practices and key trends in our industry.

Everyone on our jobsites is accountable and responsible for pausing work if they feel it cannot be safely performed – from subcontractors to laborers to project managers to executives.

It’s part of our culture and we are proud of it.