We’re a part of your team.

As a member of your team, we are genuinely interested in your project goals and objectives. It is through the process of “asking questions” that we gain an understanding of what is expected and at what time it’s right for us to join your team. While we prefer to become involved in the project’s infancy, and it also saves our client time and money, we understand we might be joining an existing team and we have the experience to jump in and be a valuable resource at any phase. We combine this information with our decades of experience to develop a specific plan that allows your project to move forward without lost time for unresolved issues or unrecognized budget constraints.

In our typical projects, we provide the project stakeholders the following services:

Target Budgeting/Cost Estimating

Providing the project team with cost estimates inclusive of any downstream effects to other trades and processes.

Value Engineering

The collaborative process with the project stakeholder in which Baker Construction will accurately articulate the effects of any design change on the overall construction process.

Life Cycle Cost Analysis

The method for assessing the most cost-effective options for material selection.

Constructability Reviews

Evaluating the impacts of any modification to identify obstacles before a project is actually built to reduce or prevent errors, delays, and cost overruns.

Project Scheduling and Coordination

The project schedule reflects all of the work associated with delivering the project on time.

Bidding and Subcontractor Selection

With our experience working with talented subcontractors throughout region, we will cast a broad net to attract the best qualified subcontractors and suppliers.

Material Procurement

Identification of long-lead items and coordination of orders to ensure timely delivery.

Price Finalization

Once construction documents are finalized, and subcontractor/supplier bids are complete, a final scope of work and price will be established for the construction phase.

When it comes to budget management, communication, and quality control we have THE processes and procedures in place to ensure maximum efficiency.

Budget Management

Upon finalization of the construction costs, Baker will maintain a transparent process throughout the project, with the overall budget allocated appropriately for ease of review, tracking, and reporting to project stakeholders. Usage of defined contingencies, reimbursables, and fees will be kept current, so remaining budgets are always accessible. We will continually seek cost savings by driving an efficient schedule, ensuring subcontractors maintain their scope and quality and safety measures, verifying costs and deliveries of long lead items.


Clear communication improves efficiency in all project activities and reduces frustration from misunderstandings that can arise when communication is lacking. At Baker, our clients are provided a full time Project Manager to manage the project from our home office, while also providing a full-time field Site Superintendent to coordinate the daily construction activities. Weekly or bi-monthly progress meetings with Project Stakeholders is a way the project Manager and Site Superintendent communicate regularly with our clients to update them on project progress.

Baker Construction also uses the industry’s best software, PROCORE, to provide Owners, Architects and other Project Stakeholders accurate information that is real-time and responsive. With cloud-based document management, PROCORE’s automatic revision control allows the team to always open the most current version of any document and makes all electronic documents available to any member of the project team.

24/7 World-Wide access to real-time project data and instantaneous tracking from any computer, tablet or smartphone

Up-To-The-Minute Scheduling and planned daily work

View current progress photos

Current Costs and Budget Comparisons

A unified platform that helps mitigate risk and build a quality project, safely, on time, and within budget.

Project directory available anywhere, anytime

Streamlines and saves time processing RFI’s and submittals

Quality Control

Our CQC management will be proactive and preventive. A continual system of planning future scopes of work and progress surveillance will ensure deficiencies are eliminated, leading to an earlier completion. Our QC Plan’s organization will be identified and detailed, requiring every activity within our QC Plan.


Baker Construction works under a variety of delivery methods

Baker Construction works under a variety of delivery methods including Construction Manager at Risk, Integrated Project Delivery, Design Build and Traditional Design-Bid-Build construction. In every case, our approach is to lead with a win/win vision for partnership and collaboration, and to achieve the highest quality project for the Owner. Whatever the desired design delivery method is, we are prepared to walk our clients through every step.

Design-Build vs. Design-Bid-Build

Delivery Speed

33.5% Faster

Cost Growth

5.2% Less

Construction Speed

12% Faster

Schedule Growth

11.4% Less

Unit Cost

6.1% Lower


has better delivery speeds, faster construction time, costs less and keeps projects on time.

Source: Construction Industry Institute (CII) / Penn State Research comprising 351 projects ranging from 5K to 2.5M square feet. The study includes varied project types and sectors.

The Design-Build Approach

The Design-Build approach allows many design, engineering, construction and permitting activities to be conducted simultaneously while detailed final drawings are being completed. Our team is completely responsible for the project with us as your partner. This approach assures smooth communication channels to maximize results and eliminate potential problems. We begin by listening to our client’s project vision, requirements and constraints which will be our touchstone and focus throughout design and construction.


With Baker as your single source, you get these advantages:

Single point of responsibility

We are held accountable for cost, schedule, and performance

Value Engineering & Target Value Budgeting

Baker and the team aggressively and creatively investigate significant cost saving solutions. Working as one from the inception of the project helps to avoid ”Budget Creep”. Allows for careful research so only the most qualified subcontractors and suppliers are involved.

Cost Savings

Our “Open Book Approach” benefits our client with earlier knowledge of guaranteed costs. The Design-Build delivery system allows Baker to establish a guaranteed cost during the design phase. This allows the owner, to make changes, request additional value engineering, or add scope to a project before the substantial design is complete. Cost savings are returned to our client!

Faster delivery

Design and Construction phases overlap providing the shortest project delivery time.

Design-Build is simply the fastest, most efficient, most cost-effective building process you can use. Design-Build allows the team of: client, contractor and architect to actually “Design to the Price” instead of “Pricing to the Design”.


The commercial real estate development process is not for the faint of heart. With so much at stake, you can ill afford to trust your project with those who say they can. At Baker, our history proves we can.

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  • Team development and design
  • Construction
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