Canopy Credit Union

Spokane Valley, WA
"We love the fresh, new space we’ve created.” Megan Shover VVP of Culture and Marketing


4,308 sq feet

Ground up 4,308 square foot credit union with adjoining    tenant space. Features an open floorplan with room for an additional partner. The credit union hired HDG Architecture and Baker Construction to bring the design to life. “Our goal was to create a space guests enjoy visiting with ample parking. It’s a mix of simplicity and comfort. A unique characteristic of the branch is the lighting selected. In an effort to reduce    energy costs, we went with nLight. Their products feature  motion, light and sound sensitivity that automatically adjusts according to the room’s activity. The sensor-based technology takes into account factors like motion occurring in the building and the amount of light pouring through from the outdoors and regulates it.