Liberty Lake Family Dentistry

Liberty Lake, WA
“Baker Construction was very accommodating with all the modifications that can happen during new construction.… I felt they insisted on quality workmanship and worked with integrity in all aspects of the building process.” Michelle R Olmstead DDS/Owner


6,100 sq feet

It took just over one year from a napkin sketch to grand opening of the Liberty Lake Family Dentistry office owned by Dr. Michelle Olmstead. The dental office occupies 5,100 square-feet of the 6,100 square-foot building, leaving 1,000 square-feet for future leasable office space.

This stunning building is a wood-framed structure featuring a metal standing seam roof, stucco and stone exterior, barreled gable roof ends and dormers. The interior space contains eight operating rooms, four hygiene rooms, state-of-the-art sterilization rooms and a laboratory. This unique design allows for all work to be performed in-house, thus increasing the productivity and controlling costs for the dental practice.  This effective design is boosted by custom wood trim and doors, granite counter tops, custom stone work, gas fireplace, custom cabinetry and sale tile flooring.