Whether it’s a neighborhood pub, fusion style full-service restaurant or national franchises, the Baker Construction & Development team excels in tight timelines; delivering spaces that are built to be beautiful and durable.

Nowhere are adaptive re-use buildings or re-purposed, reclaimed and restored materials used more than in the hospitality industry. Masterfully mixing old with the new is something that we are extremely passionate about at Baker Construction & Development.

We work side-by-side with you to insure the design elements support each other and achieve your vision. Whether modern, contemporary or re-purposed, we help to identify the intersection, the “sweet spot”, by designing for the clientele you want to attract in the most cost effective ways.



Renovation of an active hotel creates some significant logistical challenges. The comfort of your guests takes top priority, so selecting the right contractor is imperative. We know that your goal is to provide your guests with a superior experience to build a clientele for future stays. As your hotel construction services provider, everything we do supports that overall mission.

We believe we can best support your efforts with our depth of experience, while maximizing value, not just reducing costs. We seek optimum solutions to remove unnecessary waste and reduce life cycle costs, while improving function, quality and sustainability. We succeed by using our professionalism, communication, pre-planning and execution.

While working in your hotel, we are as much a reflection of your property and your guests’ experience, as your front desk is. We are meticulous in containing and concealing construction impacts as well as preserving the guest environment. We understand that a room out of service is an occupied room-night lost forever. We specialize in expediting schedules to minimize downtime, and ensure maximum revenue potential.

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