Subcontractors and suppliers should use the Spokane Regional Plan Center to gain access to project information, plans, specifications and addenda specific to a project that Baker Construction is currently bidding or has under construction.


Non-member subcontractors and suppliers will obtain access after completing a short registration form by clicking the Private Projects link.
Completion of this form is important to us. It will provide us with your companies contact information so we may be able to contact you for future bids.

Once you have registered, you can use the same ID and password to log in each time.

You must have a specific project keycode in order to access project information. On the right side of the page you will find keycodes for all public bids.

Click on the Private Projects link. Log In using your ID and password, if you do not have one please Register your company and use the KEYCODE provided in your company link or use the KEYCODE located on your Invitation to Bid.