Adding Baker Construction during the pre-construction phase is an important element to the success of your project.  As a member of your team, we are genuinely interested in the project goals and objectives.  It is through the process of “asking questions” that we gain an understanding of what is expected and required in the finished product. We combine this information with our seven decades of experience to develop a specific plan that allows your project to move forward without lost time for unresolved issues or unrecognized budget constraints.

Our pre-construction services enables you to tap into our extensive construction expertise during the planning phase of your project.

As your “Consultive Contractor” we provide:

Target Value Budgeting / Cost Estimating – Providing the design team with accurate cost modifications inclusive of any down stream cost effects to other trades and processes involved.

Value Engineering  – The collaborative process with the owner and design team in which Baker Construction would accurately articulate the effects of any design change on the overall construction process.  A cost change in one area must be properly coordinated with the effects said change has to other materials and trades.

Life Cycle Cost Analysis – The method for assessing the total cost of facility ownership.

Constructability Reviews – Evaluating the impacts of any modification as it relates to the construction schedule in order to make an informed decision

 Project Scheduling – Constructability, sequencing and planning to maximize efficiency and accomplish project, program and your vision.

By providing you with the required information to make the best decisions, it ensures that your facility is attractive, functional, cost-effective and sustainable.

We will fiercely protect your project’s dollars as if they were our own. Budget Certainty is paramount.

With our unwavering dedication, innovative solutions, and practical approach; we take your boldest visions and make them a reality.